Tungsten Flipping Jig with Skirts

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Tungsten Flipping Jigs available in 3 sizes, Tungsten is more dense than lead so is more compact and a smaller profile which lets it slide through weeds better and is more sensitive than lead as well. In turn you will be able to feel the bottom better!

1/4 oz with a 4/0 hook

3/8 oz with a 4/o hook

1/2 with a 4/0 hook

3/4 with a 5/0 hook


Mustad Ultra Point Hooks

Powder Coat Paint


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1/4, 3/8oz., 1/2oz., 3/4oz.


Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin/Blue, Green Pumpkin Special, Black/Red, Black/Green Pumpkin, Black/Purple, Green Pumpkin/Orange, Green Pumpkin/Red, PB and J, Sunfish, Purple Passion, Dark Brown, PB and J Dark Brown, Bleeding Brown Craw, Tricked Out Black, MC Special, Brown Black

1 review for Tungsten Flipping Jig with Skirts

  1. brent.k.buck (verified owner)

    The bass here in Florida smash these things. Good quality and price. Terry has excellent customer service as well.

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