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Boat Ramp Etiquette

You pull up to your favorite lake. One person is backed up to the launch already. You
prepare your boat for launch and then climb in to your truck and wait, and wait and wait.
As five or ten minutes go by the other person at the ramp has still not backed their boat in
to the water. Finally after 15 min or so the boat is finally off their trailer.
The other day as I was pulling my boat out of the water, as the next person looked eager
to back in. They were practically right in front of me and as I pulled out I had to go
around them to park the truck and tie down the boat. Not that big of deal, they seemed
like they were in a hurry to get fishing. Well as I climbed out of the truck, they back up to
the ramp and get out to load the boat with tackle and other fishing stuff. Now if someone
else was ready to come off the lake, they would have to wait there.
Last year I pulled in to the same lake and prepared my boat for launch. At the ramp there
was a truck parked with the boat on the trailer and another in the driver’s seat. As I
waited for a few minutes I asked the guy if he was leaving or launching his boat. To my
surprise another guy was actually just leaning up against his boat talking to another
I am sure some of you can relate to this. I know there are times when things don’t go as
planned or you may have forgotten something. As we all know the boat does not always
load correctly or maybe you forgot a strap prior to backing it in the water.
But mostly when you are at the boat launch common courtesy and common sense should
just play a roll. Think of others as you prepare your boat to get in the lake and after you
pull in out of the water.
Always park away from the ramp or be next in line to undo your straps and get items in
the boat prior to backing it to the ramp. Do not do this in front of the ramp clogging it so
the next guy cannot go if you’re not ready yet. Also make sure if you need a rope on the
front to launch it, dig that out as well.
It also goes for pulling out your boat… Once the boat is loaded, don’t just pull it out of
the water and get it ready to head home, go park in a parking spot out of the way.
Its just common sense really.
So the next time you’re at the boat launch, consider others. Prepare your boat ahead of
time prior to backing it down to the water. Everyone may be happier.